Kids on Wednesday: Bedroom Makeover

Hi friends,

Do your kids rooms need a makeover?

I’ve blogged before about helping kids organize their things and their clothes, and that would be ideally done before you decide to decorate.  I’ve found that it’s easy to become blinded to how a bedroom looks if it’s been the same for a long time, and then suddenly you think, wow the walls look really dinged up and maybe my son’s outgrown the cowboy theme.

I recently did a bedroom makeover on both my boys rooms by helping them go through their items, take everything down off their walls, and painting them.  The supplies cost me $125 total and it took a weekend to complete.  They are so thrilled and proud of their rooms, and it really took very little time, and cost, just some effort.

I encourage you to plan to do a bedroom makeover for your kids sometime soon, if it’s needed at your house too.



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