Kids on Wednesday: Keeping hydrated

Hi friends,

It’s spring and time for the kids to play outside,   While we usually remember sunscreen and baseball hats, it’s also remember to constantly remind your kids to keep hydrated to keep feeling well.

To keep up with my kids constant drinking, I keep milk, water, and juice in the house but at this time of year, I also pull out my trusty purple pitcher, and I buy drink powders like iced tea, Tang, lemonade and fruit punch to keep in the pantry.  Then, I fill and rotate the pitcher between the drink mixes as the boys constantly drain it.  Cheap and cheerful!

Also, here’s my Mom’s most delicious summer drink recipe that she used to make for me when I was young:

Sunshine Slush recipe:

– 2 c. white sugar

– 6 c. water

– 5 bananas, well mashed

– 1 can frozen pineapple juice

– 1 can frozen orange juice

– 1 can frozen lemonade

– 2L Sprite

Boil the first 2 ingredients for 3 minutes in a large pot, add in all other ingredients and stir well.

Freeze in a large ice cream pail or bowl.

To serve, scoop into glass and pour Sprite overtop.



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