Kids on Wednesday: Summer theme weeks

Hi friends,

I work from home, and have often battled with boredom with the boys in the summer.

I have told them that boredom is a rich man’s disease and since we’re not rich, they can’t be bored, they can clean something if they tell me they’re bored.  Haha!
As the summer stretches out ahead of us, and not having a plan is the enemy, I will share with you my plans from summer past that have worked.

We have done theme weeks – M-F theme days where I would break from work at lunch, make them a hot lunch of their choice (we rotated between kids choices) and then did our themed activity, which were:

– Animal week (animal books, movies, activities like visiting a local shelter and buying pet food to donate to it)

– Science week (science projects every day of the week, like celery with food colouring, make your own volcano, soda pop and mentor experiment, making play dough, building electrical circuits)

– Cooking week (baking, cooking, food prep, knife skills, how to sauté, and youtube videos teaching skills)

– Outdoor week (animal track and dropping identification, seed, berry and tree identification, leaf collecting and pressing, hiking and picnic lunches)

– Physical fitness week (calisthenics, yoga, exercise DVDs, playground time, timed races, street hockey, soccer, baseball, and badminton games, bike riding)

I would love to hear your ideas and have fun planning!


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