Kids on Wednesday: Teaching your child knife skills

Hi friends,

I believe that it’s important to teach your child knife skills.

With a toddler, give them a butter knife or a plastic knife during supervised mealtimes, and let them try to cut up their food and spread their own condiments.  Make it fun and not too serious.

With a young child, age 5-7, start by letting them help you cut fruit or veggies with a sharp knife, supervised.  You can buy kid safe knives, but I have always used our regular ones with the boys.  The easiest veggies for kids to cut are softer ones, like peppers, green onions, mushrooms, etc.  The best starter veggies are bananas, oranges, lemons.  Teach them how to cut slices, wedges, and eventually how to chop.

After age 7, introducing harder veggies and fruits is a good challenge.  Bring on the carrots, broccoli, apples and whatever else you can think of.

Make sure that your child has a cutting board, and knows to cut away from their body.  Explain and show how to sharpen a knife and that it’s easier to cut yourself on a dull knife.  Praise their efforts and keep up the teaching!


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