Organized Camping Thursday: Indoor/outdoor packing

Hi friends,

Here’s a camping organization tip that’s really been working for me –

Separate your indoor and outdoor items for packing & storage.

In our tent trailer, we have the fortunate option of a slide out drawer at the front of the trailer, where I can pack all of our outdoor items.  This keeps the trailer cleaner and no running in and out 100 times to start a fire or get outdoor toys.

Here’s what is in our outdoor drawer; if you don’t have a section of your trailer where you can separate the outdoor items, create a bin for the same thing:

– Firewood

– Newspaper

– Lighter & matches

– Crank for trailer legs, wood blocks for hitch, wheel chocks

– folding chairs

– Dog leash & bowls (this is because Bowser prefers to be outside at the campsite and we couldn’t feed him in the trailer – he won’t fit!)

– Hose, folding bucket, extension cord, power adapter

– Baseball gloves, soccer ball, baseball, lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets

– A small bucket that we call the “Oh, sh*t! kit” – duct tape, a rubber mallet, small screwdriver set, paper towels, scissors, a level

I would love to hear about how you pack for camping too!


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