Financial Friday: Analyze your shopping habits

Hi friends,

You’re the one who knows your own weaknesses and strengths the best, so take a minute to analyze your own shopping habits if you’re in the habit of overspending, or going into a store with two things on your list and coming out with a full cart.

Firstly, think about what your main issue is – do you overbuy when you see store displays and sales?  Do you shop for groceries at 5 pm when you’re starving and buy way too much food that you end up throwing out later?  Do you shop online and get sucked in by then discounts and then spend twice as much as you wanted, including a crazy price for shipping?  Decide what your shopping weakness is.

Secondly, once you’ve decided what your main shopping issue is, find a plan to stop it.  If your issue is the store displays, take a buddy with you to steer you by them, or try shopping online to avoid it.   If your issue is the online shopping temptation, take yourself off all of the website’s mailing lists.  Find a solution and try it, talk to your support system about it and see what their ideas are, and how they can help you.



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