Kids on Wednesday: Battling the greedy gimmes

Hi friends,

Raising children presents us with a multitude of challenges, and each of them will come back to visit from time to time, just when we think they’re beat.  Time for a reinforcement lesson.  I’ve blogged before about teaching your child an attitude of gratitude, and that thankfulness will teach them to appreciate what they have.

Lately, even with that thankfulness and appreciation, Max has gotten the gimmes.  He has repeatedly asked for many things, some very expensive, and many times, to the point that it seems like all he talks about is what he wants.

At first, we just brushed it off and ignored it, agreeing to a few reasonable requests, but that didn’t stop it from escalating.  So, then we started saying no to everything, explaining to Max that since he was asking for everything without considering the consequences, we wouldn’t consider his requests.  After the greediness continued to slow, now we are talking to him about gratitude again.  Since he’s 11, he is old enough to analyze.  I’ve asked him to look through his room to really see all of his belongings, and I’ve also offered to take away some items that he cherishes to teach him more appreciation for them.  So far, I haven’t needed to, but it is clearly and calmly on the table for future use if necessary.

A calm conversation goes a long way, and if you have any ideas to add, I would love to hear them.



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