Financial Friday: Return if necessary

HI friends,

Do you have some items hanging around the house that need to be returned or exchanged?
Please make it a priority to grab your items, receipts and make a trip to take care of these items.

Sometimes, after you’ve bought an item, it no longer has much monetary value to you, as it seemed to at the store, but it still does, and you will feel better once you’ve taken care of those items.

Also, if you have items that have a warranty that you need to look into, it’s a great idea to do that now.  I bought some trees at Canadian Tire last year that died, even with my efforts.  I called up and told them about it, it turns out there was a 1 year warranty on the trees.  So, I was able to exchange my dead trees for some nice, new living ones – hooray!  If you’ve been wondering about a similar thing, make the call, I encourage you.



3 thoughts on “Financial Friday: Return if necessary

  1. Because... I'm cheap says:

    Wow, a one year warranty on trees? That sounds like a great company! I was thrilled when I found out my goldfish had a 24 hour warranty lol.


  2. Wow living things with a warranty. I am impressed.
    My husband returned a vacuum cleaner this year that was 11 months old. Luckily the warranty was 12 months old. Not only did he get a new vacuum because we keep all of our receipts, he also got $20 back as the price of the vacuum had come down.

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