Kids on Wednesday: Helping your kids prepare for exams

Hi friends,

It’s almost that time of year for end of school year tests and exams, which can really stress kids out if they don’t have a plan.

Here are some strategies that have been helpful for my kids to help them be ready for their exams:

– Pop quiz your child from their study notes or textbook

– Have your child write up study note bullet points on index cards

– Have your child do mini research projects (10-15 minutes online) for more background to understand their exam subject

– Print practice tests from an appropriate website to try out at home

– Teach your child how to deep breathe, breathe in for a 4 count and out for a 4 count with their hand over their belly, and feel their belly moving in and out while breathing, to help manage stress while the test is in session

– Prepare the night before to make sure your child has every tool they need to do well; pencils, textbook, paper, etc.

Good luck!


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