Organized Camping Thursday: Double duty items

Hi friends,

Another Organized Thursday post – camping edition!

Since space is often limited while packing for camping, here are a couple of ideas that I’ve tested out that work for us:

– We bought a bathroom scrubber for mopping; like a short pole with a screw on scrubby pad that I use as a mop, with a broom head to swap out.  No need to have both to store when they use the same pole.

– Pool noodles as awning extension covers; just slit a pool noodle down one side and slip it over your trailer awning extension pole to keep it steady, and to pad it so that if anyone bumps into it, it won’t hurt.

– A foldable camp sink can be used to wash dishes outside, or to drain the grey water from the taps into, or to wash your face, hands and brush your teeth outdoors.

– Microfibre cloths: one of my favourites, good for washing dishes, wiping up spills, washing faces, washing the floor, wiping out the cooler, and so on.

– Camping lantern: good to bring outside to light up the card game and to the outhouse, but we also like to hang ours from a ceiling strap in the trailer to light the whole trailer without using electricity.

If you have any double duty camping items, I’d love to hear about them.



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