Organized Camping Thursday: Packed Necessities

Hi friends,

Here’s another organized camping Thursday post on packed necessities – the items that I leave packed in my trailer bin for storage and regular use are:

– Mini first aid kit: bandaids, gauze, Polysporin, Tylenol and calamine lotion

– Bathroom bag: non-gender specific body wash and shampoo (2 in 1) – because I don’t want to bring girly ones and boyish ones.  Plus a mini nail kit, mirror, Q-tips, comb, brush and hand soap, towels and toilet paper.

– Kitchen bin: pots, pans, dishes, utensils and cups

– Pantry bin (discussed in a previous blog post – https://organizedcanadianmama.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/organized-camping-thursday-packing-a-pantry-bin/ )

– Bedding (fitted sheets and comforters)

– Cleaning supplies: paper towels, all purpose spray, dish soap, mop, broom, dust pan, j cloths, scrubby sponges and a cleaning brush

Then, all you have to pack on camping day is your clothes backpack and your cooler.



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