Organized Thursday: Display your collection

Hi friends,

I love a collection – I have a few: owls, vases and books.

A collection is a group of like items, but they must be limited and organized in order tone a true collection.

To organize your collection, gather all of the items together.  Once you have them all assembled where you can see them, like on your dining room table, get rid of the ones you don’t like as much, or were given to you and they’re not your favourite, or if you have doubles.

Once you have your whole collection together and have rid yourself of the unloved items, find a spot for your collection.  My books are on a high ledge shelf in my office, my vases are in the kitchen alcove and my owls are on the living room mantle.  Once you’ve chosen a spot, you have a limit to your collection’s space.  When it’s full, the collection is closed.

Happy Organizing and enjoy your collection!



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