Organized Thursday: Planning your camping schedule

Hi friends,

Here’s a lesson for your from the don’t-make-my-mistake book.

When you plan your summer camping or vacation schedule, take a look at your whole summer together as a block and then decide where you should schedule those times.

We were so excited to go camping and hang out this summer that we accidentally booked 6 weekends in a row away from home, and also there were a few streaks of camping 3 weekends in a row.  It was way too much and we were running around like crazy chickens to get our errands run in between.  It isn’t fun!

So, we are making notes for the rest of the summer and next year on the calendar to say that we will camp one weekend on and one weekend off in the future, and plan home weekends with errand running, company ad staycation fun.

Write it down so that you remember your plan for next summer too!