Organized Thursday: Planning your camping schedule

Hi friends,

Here’s a lesson for your from the don’t-make-my-mistake book.

When you plan your summer camping or vacation schedule, take a look at your whole summer together as a block and then decide where you should schedule those times.

We were so excited to go camping and hang out this summer that we accidentally booked 6 weekends in a row away from home, and also there were a few streaks of camping 3 weekends in a row.  It was way too much and we were running around like crazy chickens to get our errands run in between.  It isn’t fun!

So, we are making notes for the rest of the summer and next year on the calendar to say that we will camp one weekend on and one weekend off in the future, and plan home weekends with errand running, company ad staycation fun.

Write it down so that you remember your plan for next summer too!


Organized Camping Thursday: Snacks to toast over the campfire

Hi friends,

Here’s a foodie organization post for you for camping! It covers 3 bases in one post, lol.

Here are some foods that we have been recommended to try toasting over the campfire (similar to the way you toast marshmallows) and we’ve tried them out and these are the best!

1. Babybel cheese – toast on the end of your stick just until it starts to puff up, otherwise if left on too long, you’ll lose it in the fire.

2. Croissants – so fancy!  Toast until lightly brown.  No need to butter, the butter inside melts who toasting.  If you’re feeling sweet, add some jam once toasted.

3. Garlic bread rolls – slather up a dinner roll with garlic butter and toast over the fire until browned.

4. Bananas – the boys loved sliced bananas toasted over the campfire.

And there’s always the classic marshmallow – dipped in Nutella, peanut butter, or just plain old toasted.

If you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them!


Organized Camping Thursday: Packed Necessities

Hi friends,

Here’s another organized camping Thursday post on packed necessities – the items that I leave packed in my trailer bin for storage and regular use are:

– Mini first aid kit: bandaids, gauze, Polysporin, Tylenol and calamine lotion

– Bathroom bag: non-gender specific body wash and shampoo (2 in 1) – because I don’t want to bring girly ones and boyish ones.  Plus a mini nail kit, mirror, Q-tips, comb, brush and hand soap, towels and toilet paper.

– Kitchen bin: pots, pans, dishes, utensils and cups

– Pantry bin (discussed in a previous blog post – https://organizedcanadianmama.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/organized-camping-thursday-packing-a-pantry-bin/ )

– Bedding (fitted sheets and comforters)

– Cleaning supplies: paper towels, all purpose spray, dish soap, mop, broom, dust pan, j cloths, scrubby sponges and a cleaning brush

Then, all you have to pack on camping day is your clothes backpack and your cooler.



Organized Camping Thursday: Double duty items

Hi friends,

Another Organized Thursday post – camping edition!

Since space is often limited while packing for camping, here are a couple of ideas that I’ve tested out that work for us:

– We bought a bathroom scrubber for mopping; like a short pole with a screw on scrubby pad that I use as a mop, with a broom head to swap out.  No need to have both to store when they use the same pole.

– Pool noodles as awning extension covers; just slit a pool noodle down one side and slip it over your trailer awning extension pole to keep it steady, and to pad it so that if anyone bumps into it, it won’t hurt.

– A foldable camp sink can be used to wash dishes outside, or to drain the grey water from the taps into, or to wash your face, hands and brush your teeth outdoors.

– Microfibre cloths: one of my favourites, good for washing dishes, wiping up spills, washing faces, washing the floor, wiping out the cooler, and so on.

– Camping lantern: good to bring outside to light up the card game and to the outhouse, but we also like to hang ours from a ceiling strap in the trailer to light the whole trailer without using electricity.

If you have any double duty camping items, I’d love to hear about them.



Foodie Monday: Homestyle Stew

Hi friends,

Here’s a recipe that I’ve adapted from Company’s Coming Main Courses, page 60, I like to make it at home during the winter, or in advance for camping.

Homestyle Stew

– 2 lbs. beef stewing meat, cut up

– 3 tbsp. cooking oil

– 4 c. beef stock

– 2 med. onions, cut up

– 1 tbsp. worcestershire sauce

– 1/2 c. ketchup

– 1 tsp. each salt and pepper, basil, steak seasoning

– 2 c. sliced carrots

– 3 c. potatoes, cut bite sized

– 2 c. water

– 1 c. frozen peas

Brown meat in cooking oil in a large saucepan.  Add stock, onion, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and all seasonings, cover and simmer 1 1/2 hours.  Add carrots, potatoes, and water, boil 30 minutes until tender.  Add peas, boil 3 minutes more.  Serves 8.



Organized Camping Thursday: Indoor/outdoor packing

Hi friends,

Here’s a camping organization tip that’s really been working for me –

Separate your indoor and outdoor items for packing & storage.

In our tent trailer, we have the fortunate option of a slide out drawer at the front of the trailer, where I can pack all of our outdoor items.  This keeps the trailer cleaner and no running in and out 100 times to start a fire or get outdoor toys.

Here’s what is in our outdoor drawer; if you don’t have a section of your trailer where you can separate the outdoor items, create a bin for the same thing:

– Firewood

– Newspaper

– Lighter & matches

– Crank for trailer legs, wood blocks for hitch, wheel chocks

– folding chairs

– Dog leash & bowls (this is because Bowser prefers to be outside at the campsite and we couldn’t feed him in the trailer – he won’t fit!)

– Hose, folding bucket, extension cord, power adapter

– Baseball gloves, soccer ball, baseball, lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets

– A small bucket that we call the “Oh, sh*t! kit” – duct tape, a rubber mallet, small screwdriver set, paper towels, scissors, a level

I would love to hear about how you pack for camping too!


Foodie Monday: Fancy cookout hotdogs

Hi friends,

Here’s a campfire inspired dinner (I’m not quite sure that you can call it a recipe!):
Here is what you’ll need – or some combination of the list that you like.

– Hot dogs

– Cheese cubes

– Cooked bacon

– Ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, mayo

– Crushed corn flakes, crushed rice krispies

– Paper plates, hot dog skewers, campfire or BBQ

Slit the hot dogs in the middle lengthwise, not all the way through, stuff your dog with cheese and/or bacon, BBQ or roast over the fire.  Pour sauce onto a plate, and crushed cereal onto another plate.  Roll your cooked hot dog in the sauce and then the cereal.  Enjoy!