Financial Friday: Shopping for discounts

Hi friends.

It’s an expensive time of year with back to school and Christmas coming.  Plus in my family, everyone’s birthdays are in a little cluster in the winter.

Here are some “insider tips” I’ve gathered on when to buy certain items at the best prices- some are obvious, some not so much.

January – Bed linens and towels are at their best prices now, and Christmas decorations and wrapping paper.  This is when I stock up on toys for birthday parties and next year’s Christmas.

February – End of season winter clothes, winter boots and coats, snow pants for next year.

March – Snow blower or skiing & snowboarding & ice hockey equipment.  Paint is also typically on sale in March.

Summer – TV’s and electronics

September – In late September, stock up on extra school supplies after school has started.  This is also the best time to buy patio furniture, new cushions for your lawn chairs etc.  This is also a great time of year to buy a new car.  We bought our Acadia last year at a deep discount at the end of September.  Computers also go on sale in late September.

I also really enjoyed this Word Press article on saving money now – and after reading it, I found a $9 bathing suit on sale this week – woo hoo!




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