Organized Thursday: Family Laundry Schedule

Hi friends,

If you have multiple people living in your house, creating a family laundry schedule will eliminate everyone trying to stuff their dirty clothes into the washing machine on Sunday evening so that they’ll have fresh clothes for the coming week.

In my house, everyone is responsible for their own laundry.  The boys do their laundry together to fill the washer, taking turns once a week, like Nick does his and Max’s laundry on Sunday and then he separates it all back into their own baskets and they fold and put away their own clothes.

We chose our days, I made the schedule up in a Word table and then I printed it and posted it on the laundry room door.

The boys have been doing their own laundry since the ages of 6 and 8 years old.  Before that, they helped fold and put away their own clothes.  Talk with your babies about what they can help with and put it in place, it will help you so much! Also, talk to your spouse about carrying their laundry load as well, unless you’re one of those people who loves to do laundry, then just make yourself a schedule to make your own life easier.



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